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CBL Exposure League Turns Pickup Games into Professional Basketball

New Basketball League’s Proprietary Technology Helps to Create Economic Development For Team Owners, Players and College Interns and Accelerate Career Opportunities

TEMPE, Ariz. – CBL Exposure League is putting recreational and semi-pro basketball on the fast track to the big time with the launch of the league’s new game scheduling, player draft and team certification technology. Now teams all across the U.S. will be able to turn an ordinary pickup game into a professional basketball game with teams having the opportunity to earn over six-figures each year.

“If you go to any gym where basketball is being played in the U.S., there’s tremendous talent both on the court and on the sidelines,” said Jamar Johnson, chief executive officer and chief CBL commissioner. “Our goal is to help these teams harness their passion and talent while leveraging our business training to gain greater visibility, cultivate opportunities, and create economic development.”

CBL Exposure League team certifications include a team website, team start-up checklist, player promotion and recruitment, team and player insurance, game scheduling and statistics and support for business administration, operations, facility and vendor contracting, marketing, merchandising, sponsorship and more.

The CBL also sets itself apart from other leagues with year-round play and no league fees, as well as online game scheduling and a draft system that team owners’ control. CBL teams and players can play for $10,000, and receive numerous benefits including tournament statistics, tournament shuttle service, a league media package and an invitation to a 12-month mentoring program.

“For the first time, the ball is officially in the hands of the players and team owners,” said Johnson. “There’s simply no other league like the CBL Exposure League anywhere in the world. We’re excited to showcase some of the country’s most talented teams and players, and help people create entrepreneurial opportunities by leveraging our league’s technology to bring pro basketball teams to their local communities.”

League teams are already forming around the country for the 2016 season. For more information about the CBL Exposure League, including applications and an overview of the player draft process, visit



Jamar Johnson

Chief CBL Commissioner/CEO

925 W Baseline Rd. Suite 105-229

Tempe, AZ 85283



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