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Are You Ready to Launch?

Whether you’re embarking on a new business, rolling out a new product or service or celebrating a company milestone, it’s important that you’re prepared to take full advantage of all of the opportunities that traditional and digital media offer.

We’ve put together a checklist to help ensure you put your best foot forward, and leverage your launch for maximum visibility both online and offline. Get started by answering the questions below.

  • Does your website tell a compelling story about your brand?

  • Do you have a press release ready to distribute that showcases the newsworthiness of your company, product or service?

  • Do you have a tailored media list with contacts that have a track record of covering brands in your region, industry and area of expertise?

  • Have you created a messaging strategy to share your milestone with your current customers, employees and other stakeholders?

  • Have you considered any events or other promotions that you can leverage to make your launch even more newsworthy?

  • Do you have a pitch letter that you can use to follow up with the media?

  • Do you have bios and high-resolution photos of your brand’s spokesperson(s)?

  • Do you have a Q&A that you can make available to print, broadcast and online media, if requested?

  • Have you created a list of topics that your brand’s spokesperson(s) can expertly speak or write about if an opportunity arises?

  • Have you requested editorial calendars from the top trade publications in your industry?

  • Are your social media channels active and aligned with your overall brand messaging?

  • Do you have a written public relations plan for ongoing public relations and media relations outreach, detailing tasks, tactics and campaigns?

Did you leave three or more of the boxes above unchecked? Contact us today and let us help you ensure that you’re fully prepared to embark on your next venture and capitalize on upcoming milestones.

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