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Brand Therapist Says ‘An Opportunity Delayed Is Not Necessarily an Opportunity Denied’

Audrey Woodley’s 7 C.P.R. Principles Helps Women Break Cycles of Stagnancy, Tear Down Barriers to Success and Manifest and Monetize Their Best Ideas in 2017 and Beyond

CHICAGO – As a mother, caregiver and former educator, Audrey Woodley knows all too well the challenges women face during the process of launching a business. And as the end of the first quarter of the year nears, she’s offering encouragement – and tools – for women whose 2017 launch plans have been delayed.

In a recently launched book that she’s co-authored entitled “Delayed but Not Denied,” Woodley shares her own story of combatting life’s challenges in order to reach goals. And with her new online course, 7 C.P.R. Principles, and event series, she’s helping women to tackle the biggest barriers to personal and professional success.

“Women are naturally creative and problem solvers, which is just one of the many reasons why business ownership among women has exploded over the last few years,” said Woodley, chief executive officer of Changing Oasis Foundation. “But it can be challenging for us to get started because of the responsibilities we juggle as mothers, caregivers and professionals.”

7 C.P.R. Principles is based on Woodley’s own journey to entrepreneurship and dozens of coaching sessions with women seeking to launch their own brands. The framework is designed to help women dispel the self-imposed myth that their dreams are outside of their reach, and fast-forward their progress toward making their vision a reality.

Woodley’s program helps women renew their focus on desired outcomes, forgive themselves for past shortcomings, identify and move past roadblocks to business goals, create valuable opportunities and partnerships and more. According to Woodley, these steps are key to not only establishing and reaching smart, sustainable business goals.

“My passion is empowering women to unlock the gifts they already have and create clear paths to launching their business ideas,” said Woodley. “I’ve experienced the same episodes of self-doubt, and failure to make my dreams a priority that so many other women are facing. I want to show them that you can be a great mom, a compassionate caregiver and a rockstar business owner with the right tools, support and accountability partners.”

Woodley’s online course, 7 C.P.R. Principles is available online at The course includes a journal to help women evaluate their progress and remain accountable along the way.

Woodley is also hosting a series of events throughout the Chicago area. For more information and to join her mailing list, visit


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